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ABC Company Limited

16, British Patel Street,
JAMNAGAR – 361 004.
Phone : 098 – 13245678
Fax : 098 - 13245678

15th October 1999

To :

The Manager,
Bank of Baroda,
JAMNAGAR – 361 004.

Dear Sir,

Our Finance Controller, Mr. K. Desai has retired from service. He was one of the two signatories nominated by our management for signing cheques. In his place, our Marketing Manager, Mr. T. Rattan Shaw is empowered to sign cheques relating to our current account.

Mr. T. Rattan Shaw’s signature is shown in the attached slip. For your easy reference he has put his signature thrice.

Henceforth, apart from the undersigned, Mr. Rattan Shaw will sign all the cheques. We continue to follow our system of having signatures of two executives.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

For ABC Company Limited



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