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ABC Company Limited

3, Park Avenue,
Mumbai – 400 023.
Phone : 098 – 13245678
Fax : 098 - 13245678

9th February 2000

To :

The Manager,
Bank of Maharashtra,
MUMBAI – 400 023.

Dear Sir,

We are having banking transactions with you for the last five years. Our Current Account No. is 8268.

You would have noticed that we have been maintaining a large balance in our account at any point of time. We are doing well in our business and planning to go in for substantial expansion. Towards this attempt, we need sufficient funds from time to time. In this regard, we seek overdraft facility from you to the tune of Rs. 3, 00, 000/=

We enclose copies of Balance Sheets for the last three financial years.

The undersigned will be pleased to call on you and explain our stand.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

For ABC Company Limited



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