Lions Share

Lions Share :

Like Pulling Teeth :

If something is like pulling teeth, it is very difficult especially if trying to extract information or to get a straight answer from someone.

Like Taking Candy From A Baby :

If something is like taking candy from baby, it is very easy to do.

  • Our boss is so generous and kind. To ask him for a raise in salary is like taking a candy from a baby.

    Like The Back of Your Hand :

    If you know something like the back of your hand, you know it very well indeed.

  • I am not worried to go on transfer to Delhi. I know all the places in the city like the back of my hand.

    Like The Clappers :

    If something is going like the clappers, it is going very fast.

    Like There is No Tomorrow. :

    If you do something like there’s no tomorrow, you do it fast or energetically. If someone does something like there’s no tomorrow, they do it to an extreme level.

    Like Two Peas in A Pod :

    Things that are like two peas in a pod are very similar or identical.

    Like Watching Sausage Getting Made :

    If something is like watching sausages getting made, unpleasant truths about it emerge that make it much less appealing. The idea is that if people watched sausages’ getting made, they would probably be less fond of them.

    Like White on Rice :

    If you do something like white on rice, you do it very closely.

  • When Babu found out I had front row tickets for the concert, he stuck to me like white on rice.

    Like Wildfire :

    If something happens or spreads like wildfire, it happens very quickly and intensely.

    Lily-Livered :

    Someone who is lily-livered is a coward.

  • I have not seen a person so lily-livered like Krishnan.

    Lines of Communication :

    Lines of communication are the routes used to communicate by people or groups who are in conflict.

  • A government might open lines of communication with terrorists if it wished to negotiate with them.

    Lion’s Share :

    Major portion

    The lion’s share of something is the biggest or best part.

  • Out of the enormous profits, a lion’s share goes to the senior partner of the firm.

    Lions Share
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