Love Letters

Love Letters :

Love Letters are the most delicious and delicate part of all correspondence. Since they are the most personal documents, we have to so careful with the selection of words and the style of expression. In writing such highly personal documents everyone is likely to become emotional and may be swept off his feet.

These letters are nothing but our hearts but on the open-plate. These letters are writers’ second-self, the mirror of their entire personalities. So, be careful while drafting these letters. For this, this page contains few useful and experienced tips which will guide you to attain success in your romantic endeavours. In few other pages we have added few more tips which include the importance of selection of suitable words.

We have collected these letters and the tips from various reliable sources who have first-hand successful experience in this filed of romance. Of course, all of us are caught in the field of love. But only few have nurtured the skills of bringing out their romantic sense into words and the skills of attaining the success.

The poets, although they have the poetic sense of expressing their love in poetic words, have failed miserably to attain success in their personal lives. Keeping all these points in our mind, we have selected our source of information and suggestions within those who have attained success and satisfaction.

You are welcome to use these tips and letters free of cost. We come forward to offer these services free to our visitors. At the same time, please share your experiences with us and allow others to get the same experiences and attain success in their romantic attempt. A renowned poet has asked, “What else is there in our lives except the romance and bliss of unification?” He may be right.

  1. How To Write Love Letters?
  2. Love Letter from Girl to Boy
  3. Love Letter from Boy to Girl
  4. Lover's Last Letter
  5. Love Letter with Deep Love
  6. Love Letter by A male teacher to his girl friend
  7. Self-Love
  8. Love-Letter with Proposal for Marriage
  9. Reply to The Love-Letter with Proposal for Marriage
  10. Love Letter by A Man to A Lady-Tutor
  11. Romantic Love Letter
  12. A Consolation Letter from Lover
  13. Love Letter Proposing A Wedding Date
  14. Reply to the Consolation Letter from Lover
  15. Love Letter with Emotional Blackmail
  16. Love Letter with A Regret
  17. Love Letter with Deep Love and Romance
  18. Reply to The Love Letter with Deep Love and Romance
  19. A Warm and Passionate Love Letter
  20. Love Letter in Search of A Perfect Match
  21. Love-Partner Suggested by A Girl Friend
  22. Love-Letter for becoming A Perfect Couple
  23. Love-Letter to The Bachelor from A Married Lady
  24. Love-Letter to A Lady from A Bachelor
  25. Love and Motivation Letter
  26. Reply to The Love cum Motivation Letter
  27. Love-Letter expressing the willingness to come out of separation
  28. Love-Letter for Week-End Meet
  29. Love-Letter Expressing The Natural Mission of A Woman
  30. Love-Letter with A Philosophical Touch
  31. The Lady responds to Love-Letter.
  32. Love-Letter Wooing A Girl
  33. Reply to The Love-Letter Wooing A Girl
  34. The Romance of An Old Man
  35. Love-Letter with Memories of The Past
  36. A Love-Letter voicing D.H. Lawrence
  37. Love-Letter with Diffidence and Difference
  38. Love-Letter expressing Love at first sight
  39. Love-Letter from A Girl to A Fickle Lover
  40. Reply to The Love-Letter from A Girl to A Fickle Lover
  41. Love-Letter of Love
  42. Reply to The Love-Letter of Love
  43. Love-Letter Expressing The Depth of Love
  44. Love-Letter written by A Doctor
  45. Reply to The Love-Letter Written By A Doctor
  46. Impersonal Love-Letter
  47. Love-Letter with Proposal for Marriage
  48. A Woman Courting A Man
  49. Reply to The Love-Letter of A Woman Courting A Man
  50. Love-Letter written by A Muslim
  51. Love-Letter Stating Love as Flower without Foliage
  52. Love-Letter with a Love Poem
  53. Love-Letter to The Beloved
  54. Love-Letter with A Heart-Throbbing Appeal to A Cute Dame
  55. A Romantic Reply to A Proposal
  56. Love-Letter of Beauty
  57. Love-Letter which states that Love enters everywhere
  58. Love-Letter written by A Boy to A Girl
  59. Reply to The Love-Letter written by A Boy to A Girl
  60. Love-Letter Expressing the Changes in Ourselves after Falling in Love
  61. Love-Letter Seeking Apology
  62. First Love-Letter to A Lovable Girl
  63. Love-Letter as A Prelude to Courtship
  64. Love-Letter Expressing Taste and Temperament
  65. Love-Letter Expressing View of Life
  66. Motivational Letter
  67. Love-Letter of A Declaration of Affection for A Lady
  68. Favourable Reply to The Love-Letter
  69. Unfavourable Reply to The Love-Letter
  70. Love-Letter with a Philosophical Touch
  71. Reply to The Letter with A Philosophical Touch
  72. Letter for The Dismissal of Engagement
  73. Reply to The Letter for The Dismissal of Engagement
  74. A brother-in-law falls in love with his sister-in-law.
  75. Reply to The Love-Letter to one’s Sister-in-Law
  76. Love-Letter with Love Poems
  77. Love-Letter Written By A Poor Girl for Rich and Handsome Young Man
  78. Love-Letter written with Philosophical Touch
  79. Love-Letter written by A Love-Sick Girl
  80. Matrimonial Letter
  81. Letter Refusing To Marry
  82. Reply to The Letter Refusing To Marry
  83. Expression of Love
  84. A young writer falls in love.
  85. Love-Letter with A Caution
  86. A Love Letter to A Singer
  87. Love-Letter Cautioning Against Vulgarity in Love
  88. Love-Letter with Information to Lover
  89. Reply to The Love-Letter
  90. A Call-Girl Communicating to A Young Man
  91. Love-Letter to An Interesting Woman
  92. Love-Letter Expressing The Wounds of Separation
  93. Love-Letter Sharing Joyful Moments
  94. Letter Saying NO to LOVER
  95. Love-Letter Expressing Tumult of Passion
  96. Love-Letter written by A Man to A Married Woman in The Next-Door
  97. Reply to The Love-Letter written by A Man to A Married Woman in The Next-Door
  98. Love-Letter of Cross-National Nature
  99. Love-Letter with A Difference
  100. A Letter Celebrating Cupid’s Victory
  101. Romance with Property
  102. Letter to A Friend
  103. Letter To One's Father’s Beloved
  104. Elizabeth Barrett Browning to Robert Browning
  105. Letter written By A Magistrate who Falls In Love
  106. Reply to The Letter written By A Magistrate who Falls In Love
  107. Patch-up at Qutab Minar
  108. A Letter to the Girl Friend’s cum Lover's Brother
  109. Letter written by The wife, of a landlord, who falls in love with her kitchen boy
  110. Reply to The Letter written by The wife, of a landlord, who falls in love with her kitchen boy
  111. Love-Letter Expressing The Difference Between Love and Jealousy
  112. Love-Letter From A Lecturer to A Fellow Lady Lecturer
  113. A Tutor Falls in Love with The Mother of His Pupils
  114. Reply to The Letter Written By A Tutor Who Falls in Love with The Mother of His Pupils
  115. Love-Letter Supporting Widower’s Marriage
  116. Love-Letter With Child-Like Love
  117. Letter Accepting A Courtship
  118. Love-Letter Stating That Love is Much Ado About Nothing
  119. Lord Lytton to The Lovelorn Lover
  120. A Letter for Emphasizing The Need for Physical Love
  121. Love-Letter Relating The Ill-Effects of Love
  122. Love-Letter Demanding Immediate Reply
  123. Reply to The Love-Letter Demanding Immediate Reply
  124. Letter Accusing The Lover of Shallow Love
  125. Reply to The Letter Accusing The Lover of Shallow Love
  126. An Apologetic Love-Letter
  127. Letter to A friend
  128. A Letter of Sorrow to A Friend
  129. A Young Landlord Falls in Love with Public Prostitute
  130. Reply to The Letter By A Young Landlord Who Falls in Love with Public Prostitute
  131. Romantic Love-Letter
  132. A Love-Letter to The Lady Secretary
  133. A Young Man Writing To Pretty Women
  134. Somewhere to Live is Prospecting For Gold
  135. Love-Letter With Sweet Words
  136. Love-Letter Extolling The Beauty of One's Lover
  137. Reply to The Love-Letter Extolling The Beauty of One's Lover
  138. Love-Letter Written By A Romanticist Eulogizing His Beloved
  139. First Love-Letter Written By A Wife
  140. Letter Written By A Wife to Her Husband
  141. Love-Letter with A Passion
  142. A Letter to Wife Who Has Proved Faithless
  143. An Old Married Woman Falls in Love with Young Man.
  144. Reply to The Letter Written By An Old Married Woman who Falls in Love with Young Man
  145. Love-Letter Wooing Would-Be Wife
  146. Letters between Husband and Wife
  147. Love-Letter To Wife : 1
  148. Love-Letter To Wife : 2
  149. Love-Letter to Would-Be Wife
  150. Free Love Letters
  151. Sample Love Letters

Love Letters

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