Make An Enquiry

Make An Enquiry :

Make A Meal :

If someone makes a meal of something, they spend too long doing it or make it look more difficult accounts.

Make A Mess of :

To confuse matters

  • The newly appointed clerk has made a mess of the production accounts.

    Make A Mint :

    If someone is making a mint, they are making a lot of money.

    Make A Monkey of Someone :

    If you make a monkey of someone, you make them look foolish.

    Make A Mountain Out of A Mole-Hill :

    If somebody makes a mountain out of a molehill, they exaggerate the importance or seriousness of a problem.

    Make An Enquiry :

    If you make an enquiry, you ask for general information about something.

    Make An Ass of Oneself :

    To act foolishly

  • He made an ass of himself by accepting to collect funds for the institution.

    Make A Pig’s Ear :

    If you make a pig’s ear of something, you make a mess of it.

    Make A Pitch :

    If you make a pitch for something, you make a bid, offer or other attempt to get it.

    Make A Request :

    If you request something or make a request, you are asking for something you want or need.

    Make A Short Work of :

    To finish quickly

  • The dacoit made a short work of the child when he raised a cry of alarm.

    Make A Song and Dance :

    If someone makes a song and dance, they make an unnecessary fuss about something unimportant.

    Make An Enquiry
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