Make Prospects Take Action Now

Make Prospects Take Action Now :

Human nature is to procrastinate and delay any action. So you’ve got to make them take action and respond to your offer right now!

Think of your prospective client as a big sloth-like, jellyfish creature. One of my mentors, Jeff Paul, likes to say to think of Homer Simpson lying on the couch. He wants to grab his beer resting on his belly, but it’s too much effort. “Dooph!”

That’s why you need to lead your interested prospect by the hand and tell them exactly what to do.

Like this copy for a veterinarian:

“Here’s what you need to do to uncover the secrets to keeping your cat healthy and happy for years and years. Just call (123) 123-4567 right now and ask for extension 200 to get your free report, The 7 Jealously Guarded Secrets to Your Cat’s Health. Hurry because quantities are limited. Or you can come into our office at 1234 Main Street, right across from the Post Office and ask Mary Ann for a free copy. The office is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.”

Do you see how this is more specific than just putting your phone number in the letter and leaving it up to the prospect to act. You have to make it absolutely clear what prospects need to do in order to get the benefits and results you have shown them.

It is your duty to make sure people who have read through your letter will take the next step. Don’t hide the solution you promised in your letter. Come out and tell these prospects exactly what to do.

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Make Prospects Take Action Now