Making A Career Shift

Making A Career Shift :

Let’s say you worked as a restaurant host for the past two years; now you want to find an internship in human resources. How can you make the switch? By using your transferable skills! Transferable skills are skills that you’ve developed that can be used in many different settings.

Here are some examples :

Customer service and conflict resolution

Analytical and problem solving ability

Teamwork and leadership

Written and verbal communication

Organizational skills and attention to detail

Research and presentation

Your list will be unique. Prior to writing your resume, consider what skills you’ve developed that may translate from one work environment to another. As you search for jobs or internships, target job postings with these skills. Then write out in detail the ways in which you’ve developed each one. The case below illustrates how a restaurant host could demonstrate some of the transferable skills that an employer is seeking. Use it as a model for developing your own list of transferable skills.

Making A Career Shift