Memorandum Regarding A Book for Every Salesperson

Memorandum Regarding A Book for Every Salesperson :

This Memorandum should be typed in the official letter-head of the company.

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SUBJECT : A Book for Every Salesperson

Another great book to help you close more sales: Setting Sales: Staying On Course in a Sea of Technology, by Jay Singh and Sandeep Rai.

From my own perspective, the most valuable and thought-provoking idea presented here is that in today’s depersonalized, high-tech world, the personality of the salesperson has become an even more important factor in a customer’s decision to buy.

Specifically, I think you’ll find other useful information on the following topics.

Using advances in technology to open new sales channels

Positioning yourself and your product or service in the Information Age

The authors are particularly credible because of their work with hundreds of companies (both in high- and low-tech fields) and research in sales trends over the last twenty years. The book differs from others on this topic in that it has an extensive appendix of studies and statistics to back up its claims.

If you’d like a copy, you can borrow mine; just call me at 2555-9090. If you’d prefer to purchase your own copy, the book is available at most bookstores (I bought my copy at Bookworm’s at 323 Dadar).

Please make use of this resource. Let’s work smarter, not necessarily harder.

Memorandum Regarding A Book for Every Salesperson