Memorandum Regarding A Job Well Done

Memorandum Regarding A Job Well Done :

This Memorandum should be typed in the official letter-head of the company.

TO :




What would Ralcorp have done without your expertise at the Badlapur site? Both my manager and the customer’s manager commented on your technical expertise, energy, and political sensitivity.

Personally, I was impressed with your sales accomplishments and the way in which you worked with the client to turn around a negative situation such as this one. As a new Ralcorp manager, I owe you a debt of gratitude. Your support and careful coaching were of great benefit to me personally and to the company. Your historical knowledge of the reasons behind the customer’s past buying decisions was invaluable in getting us back on track.

It was a pleasure for me to work and share the credit with you. I look forward to another such opportunity.

Best regards,

Memorandum Regarding A Job Well Done