Memorandum Regarding Annual Performance Reviews

Memorandum Regarding Annual Performance Reviews :

This Memorandum should be typed in the official letter-head of the company.

TO :



SUBJECT : Annual Performance Reviews

Annual performance reviews for the Pune sales division will be conducted February 8-9, 2007. Reviews for Harish Maniar, Jatin Pai, Shailesh Oswal, and Urmila Thakur will take place in the Panvel office on February 8th; reviews for Anagha Goel, Rohit Rana, and Mitesh Salvi will take place in the Vashi office on February 9th.

We will discuss each salesperson’s performance according to the annual goals and the goals of the Panvel division. Please come to the review with your sales records organized by account and product as well as a chart listing your gross quarterly revenues for each product. Salespeople should also complete and return the enclosed self-assessment form by January 22nd.

We hope you will look at this as an opportunity to receive credit for your achievements and consider how you can meet next year’s goals. Your attention to the annual reviews helps us to make the Panvel sales force a successful team.

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Memorandum Regarding Annual Performance Reviews