Memorandum Regarding April Regional Meeting

Memorandum Regarding April Regional Meeting :

This Memorandum should be typed in the official letter-head of the company.

TO :




On April 3 and 4, I will be attending the Sailboat Division’s regional meeting in New Delhi. The purpose of this meeting is to present ideas generated from the field concerning ways to improve the sales of Wind Skimmer 38.

Therefore, I’m asking you to provide any suggestions that you or your customers may want to pass on to the powers that be. Seriously, here is your big chance to change strategies, improve products, standardize Services whatever. Below is a list of topics that may stimulate your thinking:

Cabin configuration which features should be optional and which standard?

Auxiliary engines should we stay with the diesel?

Standard sails should spinnaker be included?

I would appreciate a response from each of you by April 1 so that I may prepare the suggestions for formal presentation at the meeting.

Memorandum Regarding April Regional Meeting