Memorandum Regarding Basketball Playoff Tickets

Memorandum Regarding Basketball Playoff Tickets :

This Memorandum should be typed in the official letter-head of the company.

TO :



SUBJECT : Basketball Playoff Tickets

Rockrow has purchased box seats for the NCAA Basketball playoffs on April 12 through April 26 as a sales tool to help you close orders, find new prospects, and cement friendships with your best customers.

We encourage you to call your best customers and prospects today so you can get tickets for the day or evening that is convenient for you. When you have a customer commitment, call Jassi at 2555-1111 so that we can reserve your seats.

The playoffs should be an exciting draw this year:

Caterers will provide and maintain a lavish buffet for each day.

Bars will be fully stocked and replenished.

Rockrow t-shirts and mugs will be provided.

A brochure is attached for further details about the event, including times and locations. The playoffs are only five weeks away; start calling today!

Memorandum Regarding Basketball Playoff Tickets