Memorandum Regarding Complaints about the Basic Service Plan

Memorandum Regarding Complaints about the Basic Service Plan :

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SUBJECT : Complaints about the Basic Service Plan

In the last month we have received a number of complaints from Link users about not being able to log on because we don’t have the equipment to handle our current call volume. They charge that LinkInc. is not fulfilling its service contracts. Several stories have been printed and aired on national media describing Link’s poor service and the possibility of a class action suit.

All complaints have been filed by customers who registered for our basic service plan. Despite beliefs to the contrary, the basic plan in no way guarantees users 24-hour access. The service contract states this clearly. It is a low-cost plan requiring greater flexibility on the part of users.

LinkInc. takes partial responsibility for not making the service stipulations of clearer. We are asking all sales representatives to emphasize to people registering for the basic plan that log ons are not guaranteed. If users would like guaranteed log ons they can register for our gold service plan designed for people who rely heavily on the internet as a professional tool or personal resource. As a goodwill gesture to our basic plan users we are offering a 50 percent discount for upgrades to the gold service plan good from now until December 31, 2009.

Think of this an opportunity to build customer satisfaction. The generous discount available for gold plan upgrades will allow you to improve our reputation as well as increase revenues.

Good luck and go for the gold!

Memorandum Regarding Complaints about the Basic Service Plan