Memorandum Regarding Director of Public Relations

Memorandum Regarding Director of Public Relations :

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We are proud to announce the promotion of Ali Khan to director of public relations for Mother Earth Inc., beginning March 24. Ali will report directly to me. His responsibilities will be to act as chief spokesperson, supervise the public relations staff, and work with the other division directors to plan public relations strategies.

Ali came to us fresh out of Maharashtra State University to work in the trenches as a protest organizer for four years. After proving his talent for getting the attention of government officials, he was promoted to state lobbyist and later to federal lobbyist. Ali was instrumental in getting enough votes to pass the 1995 Clean Water Act. We have him to thank for many of the legislative contacts we use today.

We extend our congratulations to Arlen for a well deserved promotion. I know you will do everything you can to help him in his new position.

Memorandum Regarding Director of Public Relations