Memorandum Regarding Divisional Training Program

Memorandum Regarding Divisional Training Program :

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With so many new salespeople joining the eastern division in the summer, we feel a more formal training program would be beneficial. Generally, a new salesperson trains with the outgoing person in their region for several months. Because there will be such a large turnover in the summer, it would be most economical to hold a week-long training program and then assign the incoming people to shadow the outgoing people for one month.

The program I have in mind would take place February 14-21. It would cover the basic products and procedures for sales in the eastern division, including:

Specifications of all the HR183, HP225, and BR108 product lines

Basic sales approaches to these product lines and discussion of marketing Materials

Prices and discount scales

An overview of the eastern division with sales figures for the last four years

Paperwork and procedures for making a sale

We look forward to this training program as a way to solve past problems with breeches of policy and incomplete paperwork as a result of disparate levels of individual training. If you will agree to direct this program, Kabir Dev has volunteered to handle the logistics. We hope you can commit to direct the program. Sharing your expertise would be a step toward improving sales in the eastern division. I will call you later in the week to discuss our plans.

Memorandum Regarding Divisional Training Program