Memorandum Regarding Dynamic Selling Seminar

Memorandum Regarding Dynamic Selling Seminar :

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SUBJECT : Dynamic Selling Seminar

We realize that the communications field is an ever-changing environment providing constant challenge to the growth and success of your sales career. Not only is this industry itself dynamic, but so too is the challenge of selling cellular telephone service to business and individual customers.

Understanding that both the obstacles and challenges are numerous and confusing, we invite you to a seminar presented by Kavita Rane, where we will discuss issues related to selling:

Date : November 10

Location : 2nd Floor Conference Room

Time : 9:00 a.m.

Ms. Rane has been recognized nationally for her expertise in sales, motivation, and effectiveness. You may have read her most recent book Closing the Sale or excerpts appearing in Sales Weekly or Retail News.

We sincerely hope your schedule permits you to take advantage of this help. Kavita Rane will recharge your batteries and renew the challenge of moving communication products in this new market!

Memorandum Regarding Dynamic Selling Seminar