Memorandum Regarding Energy Associates Fax 1200

Memorandum Regarding Energy Associates Fax 1200 :

This Memorandum should be typed in the official letter-head of the company.

TO :




I have just now ordered a new Fax 1200 to be shipped overnight to a very angry customer and am suggesting we pay for the entire replacement out of our own budget. Have I gone out on a limb by myself in trying to appease one of our biggest customers?

Here’s what happened: Dilip Jaysingh was very angry when he returned his Fax 1200 for repair to the retail store rather than to our designated service location. The Fax 1200 worked fine on self-test but stopped on the first actual use. Our technical support staff informed the customer that the main circuit board was seriously flawed and that it needed to be replaced. This Fax 1200 is necessary to the customer’s day-to-day business, and he wanted it replaced immediately. He is unwilling to pay the restocking charge and wants the whole Fax 1200 replaced.

I am anxiously waiting an answer so I can finish the paperwork.

Memorandum Regarding Energy Associates Fax 1200