Memorandum Regarding Informing Customers of Discounts

Memorandum Regarding Informing Customers of Discounts :

This Memorandum should be typed in the official letter-head of the company.

TO :



SUBJECT : Informing Customers of Discounts

We think having our salespeople work on commission benefits them and the company, but when it becomes bad for our customers, we need to stop and reconsider. The Haresh and Lalit contracts were not given the primary project discount they deserved. They wonder why their competitors are paying less for the same service, and rightly so. Both are major builders who will need sewage lines laid for future projects, and both say they will not hire Duncan Company again because they were not dealt with fairly. We have revised the Haresh and Lalit contracts to reflect the discounts. Please spare no effort to make sure they are satisfied with our installation.

We want salespeople to be enthusiastic about selling our services, but it’s important to show discretion. If customers qualify for a discount, you need to offer it, even if it reduces your commission.

Your goal is to see how Duncan Company can fill customers needs. Selling them something they don’t need or selling it for more than they should pay will ensure they are a one-time customer. Let’s foster a spirit of cooperation with our customers. Concentrate on what we can do for them. Repeat customers and high commissions will be the reward.

Memorandum Regarding Informing Customers of Discounts