Memorandum Regarding Laptops for Outside Salespeople

Memorandum Regarding Laptops for Outside Salespeople :

This Memorandum should be typed in the official letter-head of the company.

TO :




Recently, our parent company developed an entire line of software which contains stateof-the art photos, product descriptions, and demonstration movies of our high-tech products, all of which can be shown to the prospective client via computer.

While initially it may be a large investment, I believe obtaining laptops so our salespeople can demonstrate the new products would save time and increase sales.

The following are just a few advantages of buying laptops for each member of the sales force:

We would no longer have to order demonstration products

We would not have to worry about a product being damaged en route to giving a demonstration.

We could successfully demo items that are too big for one person to lift or too bulky to fit into a car

We would greatly reduce the chance of an employee being hurt while lifting or demonstrating a product

Please let me know if you would like me to look into the matter further. I am willing to check out the costs of buying versus renting, compare pricing and selection at the various outlets, or anything else you may deem necessary to the decision making process.

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Memorandum Regarding Laptops for Outside Salespeople