Memorandum Regarding Master Strategy Meet

Memorandum Regarding Master Strategy Meet :

TO :



SUBJECT : Schedule of Events for Master PC 5000 Strategy Meeting

I have enclosed the proposed schedule of events for our August 18 meeting in the board room of the New Delhi office. As we agreed last week, we need to discuss sales strategy for the Master PC 5000 before we introduce it at this year’s TechCon in December. Mahesh Mali had stressed the importance of our advertising department knowing exactly what we are looking for on this campaign.

Please review the schedule, making any additions or revisions you see fit. Once I receive your revisions, I will go ahead and send copies to Paresh Zha, Lalit Malhotra, and Kedar Rai so they have plenty of time to prepare for the meeting. We look forward to planning the Master PC campaign with you and your staff.

Memorandum Regarding Master Strategy Meet