Memorandum Regarding Meeting

Memorandum Regarding Meeting :

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The Ramada Inn staff meeting held March 10 had more issues to discuss than usual due to the Inn’s expansion plan. I’d like to reiterate several of the more pertinent points of discussion.

As of June 1, the new wing of Ramada rooms will be ready for use. The new reservation system can begin booking the new rooms in March.

Training sessions for new Ramada Inn employees shall run from April 12 through May 15. If you are a training instructor, please report to your station next week for a schedule of meeting times.

During the first weekend of July, we will host a special reopening party, featuring Half-price suites and discounts on room service.

Please be ready to work this weekend. We will need almost all staff on hand. If you have a scheduling conflict, let me know now.

Thanks for your consideration and to everyone who attended the meeting. I will keep you posted on upcoming changes and events.

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Memorandum Regarding Meeting