Memorandum Regarding New Position with the Amritsar Office

Memorandum Regarding New Position with the Amritsar Office :

This Memorandum should be typed in the official letter-head of the company.

TO :



SUBJECT : New Position with the Amritsar Office

Jasprit, I want to follow up on our previous discussion and further clarify your new duties. To properly coordinate and support the efforts expected from Mahendra Singh as manager, you will now report directly to him. I realize that you two work very well together and that you should have no problems.

The agreements made with you regarding existing accounts and company supervisors should serve as a reasonable guide to what each of your roles should be. If there are situations that are in question or seem not to be addressed in a previous agreement, I expect you and Mahendra to come to mutually acceptable solutions. If there are disagreements, I will intervene.

Regarding Brentwood Inc., someone other than you will begin servicing the account. This is no reflection on the degree or quality of service that you have provided, but rather the result of requests by Brentwood officials to minimize their travel reimbursement expenses. This request is one we can accommodate with minimal disruption or expense.

I expect the planning process that each regional office will go through during the next few weeks will give you and Mahendra an opportunity to discuss your new working relationship. If either of you have comments, issues, or plans we all need to discuss, please let me know.


Memorandum Regarding New Position with the Amritsar Office