Memorandum Regarding Product Meeting

Memorandum Regarding Product Meeting :

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Thanks to everyone in attendance, our last sales meeting was quite productive. We had many good issues to work through, like setting up an increased budget and the decision regarding distribution to a broader market.

Here’s a quick recap of several important decisions/announcements from June 15:

Jeremy Shampoo should be distributed to A-Mart starting January 1.

We will get marketing to redraft our ad plan tailoring it to the A-Mart market.

Our sales budget will increase by 15 percent next year.

Our new budget provides room for extensive redistribution, so we’ll consider marketing Jeremy in Mumbai. That’s something we’ll discuss at next month’s meeting.

Our next meeting is July 17. Look for a memo detailing the international expansion issue. I look forward to another productive session. Good work.

Memorandum Regarding Product Meeting