Memorandum Regarding Quarterly Sales Meet

Memorandum Regarding Quarterly Sales Meet :

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SUBJECT : Quarterly Sales Meeting Schedule of Events

I am in the midst of planning our quarterly sales meeting for June 22 as we agreed. The following is a tentative schedule of events.

9:00-9:30 Breakfast and review of last quarter’s sales figures

9:30-10:00 Recognition of top salespeople and assessment of progress toward annual goals

10:00-11:00 Introduction of Achieve Program

11:00-12:00 Trip to Vashi Manufacturing Plant and lunch

12:00-1:00 Haresh Zha presents research and development update

1:00-2:30 Bipen Shukla leads tour of plant and discusses new quality control initiatives.

Please revise this tentative schedule to reflect any necessary changes. We want this meeting to propel the western division sales force forward to meet our ambitious annual goals.

Memorandum Regarding Quarterly Sales Meet