Memorandum Regarding Request for Saver 500 Training Class

Memorandum Regarding Request for Saver 500 Training Class :

This Memorandum should be typed in the official letter-head of the company.

TO :




Several of my salespeople have expressed some confusion about Saver 500, the chemical fire foam we will release in May. We think a training class is in order to explain the difference between this foam and Blanket 220. Because you were so instrumental in the development of Saver 500, we felt you would be the best person to conduct the class.

The class would be held one morning during the week of April 1. We envision a three hour session to explain the chemical make-up, purpose, and proper use of Saver 500, along with a live demonstration. It would be funded by the department of product testing and development, with administrative assistance provided by the sales department.

The sales projections for Saver 500 look quite promising. It is a much needed innovation in the fighting of chemical fires. We want to be sure our sales people are able to clearly explain the advantages of this product over other chemical fire foams.

I will call you this week to discuss your participation in the training class.

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Memorandum Regarding Request for Saver 500 Training Class