Memorandum Regarding Safety and Health Policies

Memorandum Regarding Safety and Health Policies :

This Memorandum should be typed in the official letter-head of the company.

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SUBJECT : Safety and Health Policies

All Walia Manufacturing employees are responsible for observing safe working practices, policy rules, and all applicable laws and regulations.

Medical Examinations

All pre-employment medical exams will be performed by a physician chosen and paid for by the company

All medical history forms must be complete and factual. Withholding of information could result in termination

Physical exams could be required due to a transfer, promotion, declining performance, or increased absenteeism

If any employee is impaired due to prescribed medication they must report it to their supervisor prior to arriving at work

Any employee with a drug or alcohol problem will be encouraged to seek treatment. however, such treatment does not preclude appropriate action by the company if work performance is affected

Accidents and Injuries

Following any work-related injury an employee must undergo a medical exam and drug test within 24 hours or face disciplinary action

All work-related illnesses or injuries must be immediately reported to the supervisor

Following treatment for injury or illness all employees must:

1. Complete a Worker’s Compensation Report

2. Keep scheduled medical appointments

3. Return to work when cleared by a physician

The company may offer modified duty on a temporary basis

Employee may be granted a medical leave of absence if more than two weeks is Required

Safety Rules - Each department head or supervisor is responsible for establishing necessary safety rules and posting them accordingly. Failure to comply with these rules will result in disciplinary action.

Hiring and Orientation - No employee shall be hired to do a job he or she is not physically or mentally able to perform in a safe and effective manner.

Training and Education - Managers and supervisors are responsible for recognizing the need for training or educational classes or material through which to improve safety. Human Resources will supply approved materials.

Accident Reports - All accidents reported within a department must be relayed to the Human Resources Department.

Facilities and Inspections - Walia Manufacturing shall maintain all safety and health facilities to meet all applicable standards. Inspections will be conducted on a regular basis to maintain standards.

Memorandum Regarding Safety and Health Policies