Memorandum Regarding Sales Presentations Workshop

Memorandum Regarding Sales Presentations Workshop :

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SUBJECT : Sales Presentations Workshop

We are pleased to offer the Perfecting Your Sales Presentations Workshop for all sales representatives who want to improve their presentation techniques. The workshop is scheduled for July 26, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the WTC Building conference room.

Jay Singh Rathod, last year’s sales leader, and Tanuja Batra, sales consultant and author of The Perfect Sale, have organized the workshop. Jay Singh and Tanuja will break down the presentation process and illustrate proven strategies for earning new accounts. Sales representatives will learn to perfect their presentations, from tone of voice, to handshake, to the organization of materials.

All representatives are invited to attend, but, space is limited to 20 people. Please call Jatin Rana at 6555-2937, ext. 299 to reserve a place.

Memorandum Regarding Sales Presentations Workshop