Memorandum Regarding Selling Techniques Tapes

Memorandum Regarding Selling Techniques Tapes :

This Memorandum should be typed in the official letter-head of the company.

TO :



SUBJECT : Selling Techniques Tapes

During your many years as a sales rep, you’ve probably been exposed to most of the significant real-life lessons that form the basis for so much of your success or failure on the job. So have I.

Recently, I attended a seminar sponsored by Venkatesh Associates a consulting group headquartered in Amritsar. There I discovered their telemarketing and sales improvement program.

A great idea! Once a week, I get a ten-minute tape on new selling techniques that can be put to use immediately. Training at its best! In fact, I’ve worked my way through six hours worth and have no plans to slow the pace.

Because I think that this is a rare opportunity to pick up great techniques for beating your sales quota, I am asking Jay Goel from my office to give you a call about the program within the next few days. Let’s see how good customers you reps can be - please take a few minutes to hear what she has to offer. I think she has a unique line to your success.

Memorandum Regarding Selling Techniques Tapes