Memorandum Regarding Streamlined Activity Report

Memorandum Regarding Streamlined Activity Report :

This Memorandum should be typed in the official letter-head of the company.

TO :



SUBJECT : Streamlined Activity Report

How would you like to standardize and streamline activity reporting within the division? At present, I receive weekly reports containing various levels of detail. They tend to be more than I can assimilate and are probably a little time-consuming on your end. Beginning with the April report, I want to go to a monthly highlight summary. By this, I mean a summary of key activities/accomplishments rather than a record of every phone call or customer visit. Under a heading called Accomplishments, please include activities such as:

Noteworthy new accounts acquired

Special training or seminars attended

Under a heading called Upcoming Calendar, please provide information about :

Meetings with important clients

Requested vacation dates

Scheduled travel times

Other miscellaneous headings from month to month might include :

Quarterly Review

Yearly Performance Review

These reports will provide me with a good picture of business within the division. I will, in turn, compile this information from everyone to give you a picture of our team’s activities.

Attached are several models of this format. Let’s see how efficient we can be in April!

Memorandum Regarding Streamlined Activity Report