Memorandum Regarding The Customer

Memorandum Regarding The Customer :

This Memorandum should be typed in the official letter-head of the company.

TO :



SUBJECT : Taking Care of Business - The Customer is The Business

Why are we in business?

Who pays our salaries?

Who are we employed to serve?

Who is the most important person we deal with?

The obvious answer to these questions is THE CUSTOMER. Customer orientation is the key to our success. We never want to come to feel that the customer is getting in the way, is an inconvenience, or messes up our daily plans. It takes only one negative attitude on the team to alienate a customer, and we can’t afford that.

During this season, while we are extremely busy receiving a great deal of merchandise, we are short-handed. Although we’re doing as much as possible to recruit more good people, the bottom line is still the same THE CUSTOMER IS NUMBER ONE. We must strive to heighten our sensitivity:

How do customers perceive the way you are treating them?

Is the shop clean, neat, well-lighted, and comfortable?

Is it easy to shopcan customers identify where certain items are?

Do signs attract customers to our merchandise?

Are customers greeted quickly and pleasantly?

Do customers feel welcome?

Do customers receive real value from their purchases?

I encourage you to do some self-evaluation from the customers point of view! We may be amazed how many circumstances we can change and problems we can solve before the CUSTOMER calls attention to the matter or decides not to buy.

Memorandum Regarding The Customer