Memorandum Regarding Training Class

Memorandum Regarding Training Class :

This Memorandum should be typed in the official letter-head of the company.

TO :




The advent of the new graduated airline ticket tax system represents a new approach in the federal government’s effort to tax air travel. We anticipate our clients will have a lot of questions about the new charges on their bills.

We would like you to lead a training class explaining the new ticket tax system to our southern agents. The class would address the following:

Explanation of the graduated airline ticket tax system and exceptions

Reasons for the new system

The system’s affect on the price of airline tickets

How the tax should be calculated on Light 3.0 travel agent software

The new system, initially, seems quite confusing. Our clients deserve a clear explanation of their charges. With educated travel agents, we can lead our clients through this change smoothly.

Please let me know if you can help us tackle this new system.

Memorandum Regarding Training Class