Memorandum Regarding Training Retail Sales Reps

Memorandum Regarding Training Retail Sales Reps :

This Memorandum should be typed in the official letter-head of the company.

TO :




I have an idea to increase sales on the WaveRider product line by using videos to train retail sales reps on the quality of our surfboards. Would you please review the idea (detailed below) and decide whether it’s a feasible, innovative approach. Getting the video to the stores would require four steps: writing the script, finding talent, shooting and editing the video, and duplicating copies.

Writing the script : This is the easiest of the steps. The standard training script given to our sales staff to present to retail employees could be used with minor modifications and additions.

Finding talent : Any of our sales reps would do, though Henry Sharp has some acting experience and has indicated he would be willing.

Shooting and editing: I talked with Gitesh Zha of Name-n-Lights Inc. at the sporting goods trade show last week. He said his group could put together an estimate that would include filming at his studio and online editing with his equipment. I discussed our training presentation with him, and he said he could get it shot and edited in a week. He also suggested we mix in some footage of our boards to liven up the video.

Duplicating copies : Gitesh Zha has a list of service bureaus he uses and would include the costs in his estimate.

Certainly, the idea will make our job easier by reducing in-person presentation time and will ensure a standard, quality presentation at all locations.

What do you think?

Memorandum Regarding Training Retail Sales Reps