Memorandum Regarding Training on the Inkjet Cartridge

Memorandum Regarding Training on the Inkjet Cartridge :

This Memorandum should be typed in the official letter-head of the company.

TO :




As our Inkjet Cartridge EconoKit marketing becomes more successful, we are realizing the lack of formal education available to regional sales personnel to develop the skills necessary to:

Adequately answer How-To questions

Explain the full economic benefit of EconoKit to our customers

Describe our Satisfaction Guaranteed policy for EconoKit

We are requesting that a formal half-day class be developed, taught, and funded by the Engineering department.

The proposed class should focus on developing the following skills:

Quick demonstration of the Econokit refill process

Adequate comparison of Econokit cost versus new inkjet cartridges

Simple explanation that our policy makes trying EconoKit a no-risk proposition

Currently our only alternative to develop the necessary skills is a unique internship, an alternative we have found impractical because of travel time and isolated locations.

Until the proposed class is developed and offered, we risk falling short in capitalizing on the potential that exists for all cartridge refill products in our territory.

Please let me know what your plans are for this additional training.

Memorandum Regarding Training on the Inkjet Cartridge