Memorandum Regarding Transfers to New Delhi Office

Memorandum Regarding Transfers to New Delhi Office :

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We are delighted to have Jay Pai transferring to our New York office, effective January 15. Jay will work alongside the director of manufacturing, coordinating our assembly plant operations with Mumbai.

Jay gained his expertise in the Mumbai markets during his 20 years as an expatriate businessman, first for Alabaster & Cromwell and starting in 1985 for Windsor Fine Clothing in our Mumbai assembly plant. Jay has supervised the expansion of the plant from a 20 person to a 200 person operation. Last year he oversaw the plant’s successful reorganization.

We are confident Jay will make the Mumbai - New Delhi connection beneficial. Please join me in welcoming Jay to New Delhi. Let’s do everything we can to make his adjustment a smooth one.

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Memorandum Regarding Transfers to New Delhi Office