Memorandum Regarding Winter Meeting

Memorandum Regarding Winter Meeting :

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The J & J December 13 meeting covered several important points, which I’ll briefly recap.

Vice President Mahendra Pradhan announced our newest account, Bandhan Heights, a neighborhood to be developed in Santacruz. I believe this latest contract will prove to be our most lucrative yet, and I am eager to start working on it.

Mr. Pradhan also announced J & J will begin to use a handful of freelance contractors. J & J will hire these additional workers for the duration of the Sun Springs project. As Mr. Pradhan explained, with some freelancers on board, we can feel free to pull staff contractors from certain projects and assign them to the new Bandhan job.

Finally, the meeting touched on information about the contractors 2007 pay scale. Enclosed please find the revised J & J guidelines for salaries.

Thanks for your kind attention.

Memorandum Regarding Winter Meeting