Memorandum Regarding Year-End Sales Reviews

Memorandum Regarding Year-End Sales Reviews :

This Memorandum should be typed in the official letter-head of the company.

TO :



SUBJECT : Year-End Sales Reviews

The year-end is fast approaching. We need to understand fully how we are going to wrap up the year and what we need to do to position ourselves for the upcoming year’s opportunities.

To this end, Chinmay Bajaj and I will be holding sales reviews with each of you according to the following schedule.

Name… Location …Date

Bipen Wadia …New Delhi …December 10

Hemant Vora…Mumbai …December 11

Madhav Zha …Amravati …December 12

Pratik Das …Ahmadabad …December 13

Jagdish Sen …Solapur …December 14

All sales reps and specialists with a budget are expected to participate. They are also expected to have completed their resource books (organized by product segment and customer) with plans that show how they will make their quotas. Please keep in mind that their plans should be realistic, but challenging and measurable.

In addition to this individual preparation, an overall sales plan that addresses key industries and segments specific to your team should be incorporated in your overall marketing plan.

If I can be of assistance in preparing these plans, I am as close as your telephone.


Memorandum Regarding Year-End Sales Reviews