Styles of Business Letters


To : John Mark

From : Aravind Swami

Date : 5th July 2008

Re : Branch Supplies

The memorandum (or memo) is primarily used as an inter-office letter. That means memorandum is used to send letters from one person to another who are working in the same company. This adopts, sometimes, business letter style. At the top left-side of the memo, the sender’s name, the recipient’s name, the date and the subject matter are mentioned.

The body of the memo is in blocked form. The signatory will be very near to the center of the page below the body of the letter. Any other additional information will be written at the bottom left-side of the page.

Aravind Swami

AA : kmn

c.c. : Ashok Kumar and Ravindran

Styles of Business Letters

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