Middle of Nowhere

Middle of Nowhere :

Melt Your Heart :

If something melts your heart, it affects you emotionally and you cannot control the feeling.

Melting Pot :

A melting pot is a place where people from many ethnicity and nationalities live together.

  • With a floating population of more than one crore, Chennai is virtually a melting pot.

    Memory like A Sieve :

    If somebody can’t retain things for long in his or her memory and quickly forgets, he or she has a memory like a sieve. A sieve has lots of tiny holes in it to let liquids out while keeping the solids inside.

    Memory like An Elephant :

    AN ELEPHANT NEVER FORGETS is a saying. So if a person has a memory like an elephant, he or she has a very good memory indeed.

    Mend Fences :

    When people mend fences, they try to improve or restore relations that have been damaged by disputes or arguments.

    Mess With A Bull. You Get The Horns. :

    If you do something stupid or dangerous, you can get hurt.

    Method in His Madness. :

    If there is method in someone’s madness, they do things in a strange and unorthodox way but manage to get results.

    Mexican Standoff :

    When there is a deadlock in strategy and neither side can do anything that will ensure victory, it is a Mexican standoff.

    Mickey Mouse :

    If something is Mickey Mouse, it is intellectually trivial or not of a very high standard.

    Midas Touch :

    If someone has the Midas touch, they make a lot of money out of any scheme they try.

    Middle of Nowhere :

    If someone says that he is in the middle of nowhere, he means that he is not sure where he is.

  • I have come to your village, but I am in the middle of nowhere.

    Might and Main :

    This means with all your effort and strength.

  • As he failed in the previous examination, Mohan tried might and main to pass the next one.

    Middle of Nowhere
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