Modified Block Style

Styles of Business Letters

This is a sample letter written in Modified Block Style.

Justrust Insurance Co. Ltd.

456, North Usman Road
Chennai 600008
Telephone : 044 67894520
Fax : 044 67894521

10th November 2009

Miss Linda Nancy
3010 Jalal Street
90, Tamara
Chennai 600012
Telephone : 044 67894871
Fax : 044 67894873

Dear Miss Nancy,

Modified Block Style

This style is similar to the fully-blocked style. It differs in the positioning of few items. The date is typed on the right-hand side of the page rather than the left-hand side of the page as followed in the fully-blocked style. The subject of the letter and the signature and the name and the designation of the sender are centered.

These modifications give the letter a balanced appearance. However this is not the only way to modify the fully-blocked style. You may want to place other items in different places.

Yours Sincerely,

John McDonald
Marketing Executive

JA : mom

Styles of Business Letters

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