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Dear _____________,

The new Motivation Audio Library may be the power tool your team needs to get your customers to call you first when they are ready to buy. I wanted to write you personally today and announce the introduction of what I feel is a cure for customer indifference and defection. Before I tell you about the library, let me give you a little background in its development.

I designed this audio series for CEO's and Marketing Managers of rapid growth, mid-size companies who must maintain continuous skills development training for their key team members. The Motivation Audio Library creates a focused, proactive, self-pacedtraining system that teaches each member of your team exactly what they must do to create a Motivational company. A company that ensures Relationship Management is learned, implemented and cloned as a process. The Motivation Audio Library utilizesdrive time for advanced and repetitive learning experience. It allows continuity of training to deal with growth and turnover. It becomes the nucleus of your business management library and grows in value from year to year. Unlike seminars, the Motivation Audio Library is designed to make sales grow due to the repetition factor audio cassettes allow.

When Prakash Sen wrote The Fifth Discipline, he said it was a vital CEO responsibility is to develop a learning environment and a learning culture. Sen described a simple yet powerful formula to initiate such a far-reaching concept in even the smallest business.

Here are some of the steps he detailed.

1. Select a philosophy that you want to encourage

2. Find a spokesperson that articulates your concept and philosophy

3. Create a library (a bookshelf would do) and make it available to everyone

4. Bring new associates up to speed quickly

5. Establish pro-active mentoring

People who study this kind of thing tell me that more than half of their employees proactively seek out and actually use a company business library. In addition, those that do often become the most articulate and vocal spokesperson of any cause they champion.

The library was designed to be a compendium of the absolute best ideas and strategies we've discovered for growing and encouraging a motivational culture.

I made it practical and useful. Your Motivation Audio Library is divided into five albums, each for the person with specific job responsibilities. It's built to train specific people for specific roles. Focusing on the unique job responsibilities of key players, the five albums in this library are the equivalent of a full-day workshop on their favorite part of the Motivational Selling Process.

Included are...

The Motivational Workshop - six audio cassette album. This is the blueprint for your entire Motivational Task Team. It provides a guide as you implement your overall strategy.

The Motivational Sales Manager - six audio cassette album. A sales Management System for recruiting, hiring and motivating sales people who can flourish in your relationship environment.

Mastering Relationship Selling - six audio cassette album. A basic sales training course, blending in your Motivational philosophy, especially valuable for indoctrinating newly acquired sales representatives and perhaps all customer contactemployees.

Relationships - The New Customer Paradigm - six audio cassette album. An introduction to attracting and keeping loyal customers; designed especially for customer service employees.

Growing Relationships with Affluent Clients - six audio cassette album.

Motivates senior sales representatives to target and sell to the cream of the crop customer.

I'm totally excited about this affordable new way to train your existing staff and at the same time develop a training resource for replacement, for growth and reinforcement.

The Motivation Audio Library may be a great first step, or an excellent addition to your existing training library.

While the five albums are priced for individual purchase, I'm offering a substantial discount to encourage your purchase of the entire library now.

Only you can decide if the Motivation Audio Library is the right philosophy and the right training tool for your team, but I've made decision risk free. If after listening to and sharing these albums with your team and you decide they are not the solution you hoped for, just send them back. I'll send you a full refund along with my appreciation for listening to and trying the tapes.

Often the reason people don't do more staff training is not the cost of the training so much as the lost time involved in training. The Motivation Audio Library lets you utilize employee drive time. That special, private, quiet time to gain insights and skills that would otherwise be lost. Imagine, all the tools needed to create an effective relationship management culture on the fly. Your team gains vital skills in the otherwise time-lostcommuting environment. Ordering your Motivation Audio Library couldn't be easier. If you're in a hurry you could fax or mail the enclosed order form. If you would like more information please call (011) 3555-2847.

Yours Sincerely,

(The Sender's Signature)

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NOTE : You'll see a fast return on your investment when your customers always call you first. I'm thrilled at this opportunity to personally coach your team as you develop younew culture of Motivating everyone. You and I know that lasting change takes desire, strategy, time and reputation. Beyond the philosophy, the Motivation Audio Library helps you instill the understanding, the methodology and the process to cause permanent and appropriate behavioral change in your team; both current employees and those sure to come.

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