Notes on Application Letter Writing

Notes on Application Letter Writing :

The letter is a link between your resume and the job or organisation. It is used to emphasise, to highlight or to build on information in your resume, and to convince the organisation you have skills and experience necessary to be the best applicant for the position.

Your application should be specifically tailored to each situation.

You should contact the company and find out additional information such as the name of the person to whom you need to address the letter and whether they can provide you with any additional information about the company e.g. brochures and annual reports.

Use the Library or the Internet to research additional information about the company so that you can tailor your letter specifically to the company.

As the employer might have many applications to read the letter needs to be concise and to the point. An application letter is no more than one page long. Four or five paragraphs will be needed however, to convey your essential messages (see format on the next page).

If the advertisement lists a set of selection criteria then prepare a specific reason to each of these to include with your letter and resume.

Your application letter is much more than a “cover letter” – when it is well done it:

Introduces you to the employer

Highlights key information from your resume

Tells the employer why they should consider employing you

Tells the employer why you are interested in them

Invites the employer to read further to find out more

Convinces the employer that your worth interviewing

Notes on Application Letter Writing