Notice of Bulk Transfer

Notice of Bulk Transfer :

This letter should be typed in the official letter-head of the company.

To Creditors of , Transferor:

You are hereby notified that the Transferor, [name of transferor] is about to make a bulk transfer of [property or property and security] to the undersigned Transferee.

That the business address of the transferor is [address] , City of , County, State of , and the business address of transferee is [address] , City of , County, State of .

That the location of the property to be transferred is [address] , City of , County, State of .

Property to be transferred is


To the best knowledge of the transferee, transferor has not used a business name or address other than that which is stated above during the last three years.

The bulk transfer is to be made on or after [date], at [address] , in [city] , [county] , [state] , in the office of [identify].



Notice of Bulk Transfer