Now Wash

Now Wash :

Not Have Two Pennies To Rub Together :

If someone hasn’t got two pennies to rub together, they are very poor indeed.

Not Hurt A Fly :

Somebody who would not hurt a fly is not aggressive.

Not Know Beans About :

If someone does not know beans about something, they know nothing about it.

  • My parents do not know beans about my affairs with Marathi.

    Not Know You Are Born :

    This indicates that the person described his unaware of his or her good fortune or is unaware of how difficult day to day life was before he/she was born.

    A typical usage can be cited as an example : KIDS TODAY DO NOT KNOW THEY ARE BORN.

    Not Much Cop :

    Describing a film or something as not much cop is a way of saying that you didn’t think much of it.

    Not My Cup of Tea :

    If something is not your cup of tea, you do not like it very much.

  • My father wanted me to become a civil servant. But government service was not my cup of tea.

    Not On My Watch :

    Someone distancing themselves from a situation could say that it is not on their watch.

    Not Our Bag :

    If something is not your bag, it is not really suitable for your needs or you don’t like it much.

    Not The Only Pebble on The Beach :

    If something is not the only pebble on the beach, there are other possibilities or alternatives.

    Not To Be Sneezed At :

    If something is not to be sneezed at, it should be taken seriously.

    Now Wash :

    If a story or explanation will not wash, it is not credible.

    Not Worth A Red Cent :

    If something is not worth a re cent, it has no value.

    Now Wash
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