On The Wallaby Track

On The Wallaby Track :

On The Trot :

This idiom means consecutively.

  • I’d seen them three days on the trot which means that I saw them on three consecutive days.

    On The Up and Up :

    If you are on the up and up, you are making very good progress in life and doing well.

    On The Up and Up :

    When someone is on the up and up, he or she it truthful, honest and straightforward.

    It can also mean that they are very successful in life at the moment.

    On The Wagon :

    If someone is on the wagon, they have stopped drinking alcohol.

    On The Wallaby Track :

    In Australian English, if you are on the wallaby track, you are unemployed.

    On Top of The World :

    If you are on top of the world, everything is going well for you.

    On Your High Horse :

    When someone is on their high horse, they are being inflexible, arrogant and will not make any compromises.

    On Your Last Legs :

    If someone is on their last legs, they are close to dying.

    On Your Soapbox :

    If someone is up in their soapbox about something, they are very overtly and verbally passionate bout the topic.

    On Your Toe :

    If you are on your toe, you are alone.

    On Your Toes :

    Someone on his or her toes is alert and ready to go.

    Once Bittern Twice Shy :

    If somebody is said to be once bitten twice shy, it means that someone who has been hurt or who has had something go wrong will be far more careful the next time.

    On The Wallaby Track
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