Out of The Box

Out of The Box :

Out and About :

If someone is out and about, they have left their home and are getting things done that they need to do.

Out of Gear :

Not in working order

  • After the partition the entire machinery of the state was out of gear.

    Out of Sorts :


  • He declined to play tennis today because he was feeling out of sorts.

    Out in The Sticks :

    If someone lives out in the sticks, they live out in the country a long way from any metropolitan area.

    Out Like A Light :

    If you are out like a light, you fall fast asleep.

    Out of Hand :

    If something gets out of hand, it gets out of control.

  • When the situation got out of hand, the police resorted to tear gas to disperse the rioting mob.

    Out of My League :

    If someone or something is out of your league, you are not good enough or rich enough for it or them.

    Out of Pocket :

    If you are out of pocket on a deal, you have lost money.

    Out of Sight Out of Mind :

    OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND is used to suggest that someone will not think or worry about something if it is not directly visible or available to them.

    Out of Sorts :

    If you are feeling a bit upset and depressed, you are out of sorts.

    Out of The Blue :

    If something happens out of the blue, it happens suddenly and unexpectedly.

    Out of The Box :

    Thinking out of the box is thinking in a creative way. However, it can also be used for a ready-made product that requires no specialist knowledge to set it up.

    Out of The Box
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