Persuasive Business Letter

including Complaint Letters

Persuasive Business Letter including Complaint Letters :

There are many situations in our business walks in which we are asked to draft Business Letters to meet the requirements of the business. No business is exempted from these demands. All those who are working in a business organization, especially those who are at the higher echelon, should familiarize themselves with the nuts and bolts of drafting business letters so that their administrative skills will be hones to the growth of the business house. In this website there are 1000s of business templates which can be freely used by you to meet your expectations. AT the same time, one should have the business acumen to judge the suitability of these business letters. Our experts have produced these letters keeping in view their experience and knowledge level. Yours may vary. SO, it is up to you to decide their suitability.

  1. Complaint Letter to Credit Card Management about The Incorrect Statement
  2. Favorable Reply to A Complaint Letter
  3. Letter Expressing Your Inability to Execute An Order
  4. Letter of Complaint Regarding The Supply of Foods and Defective Packing
  5. Sample Letter of Complaint
  6. Letter of Complaint about Inaccessible Information
  7. Letter of Complaint about Telecom Technology Provided By A Business
  8. Letter of Complaint about The Faulty Product
  9. Letter to Accept Request to Be Interviewed By Press
  10. Letter of Acceptance of Order with Delivery in Lots
  11. Letter of Acceptance of Purchase Security Agreement
  12. Letter of Acceptance of Resignation
  13. Letter to Acknowledge Receipt of Goods
  14. Letter of Acknowledgement for The Order Placed
  15. Letter of Acknowledgement from Publisher with Comments Referred to Author
  16. Letter of Acknowledgement of Application
  17. Letter of Acknowledgement of Cancellation of Back-Order
  18. Letter of Acknowledgement of Change in Meeting Date
  19. Letter of Acknowledgement of Correspondence Indicating Postal Delay
  20. Letter of Acknowledgement of Merchandise Returned for Repair
  21. Letter of Acknowledgement of Notification of Lease Transfer
  22. Letter of Acknowledgement of Order and Its Execution
  23. Letter of Acknowledgment of Cancellation of Back-order
  24. Letter of Announcement of Acquisition
  25. Letter of Announcement of New Discount
  26. Letter of Apology and Proposal on Over-Shipped-Merchandise
  27. Letter of Apology after Cancellation of Order
  28. Letter of Apology for Accounting Errors and Past Due Notices
  29. Letter of Apology for Not Crediting Payment
  30. Letter of Apology for Poor Service Rating on Customer Questionnaire
  31. Appeal Letter for Services Denied As Not Medically Necessary
  32. Letter of Appointing A New Traveling Salesman
  33. Letter of Appointment for Employment Interview and Testing
  34. Letter of Assignment of A Claim for Damages
  35. Letter of Assignment of Contract
  36. Letter of Acknowledgement of Correspondence Indicating Postal Delay
  37. Board Position and Your Place on the Board
  38. Business Letters for Success in Complicated Situations
  39. Letter of Change in The Status of The Firm
  40. Letter of Change of Address of The Firm
  41. Complaint Letter about The Bad Service of The Company
  42. Complaint Letter about The Faulty Product
  43. Complaint Letter against The Faucet to The Company
  44. Business Article about Collections
  45. Compensation Letter for Damaged Freight
  46. Complaint Letter about The Condition of The School Premises
  47. Complaint Letter about Unfortunate Experience with The Company
  48. Letter of Complaint about The Crowd to The Field Manager
  49. Letter of Complaint about The Different Pattern Product Delivered
  50. Letter of Complaint about The Faulty Product - 1
  51. Letter of Complaint about The Faulty Product - 2
  52. Letter of Complaint about The Faulty Product - 3
  53. Letter of Complaint about The Faulty Product - 4
  54. Letter of Complaint about The Faulty Product - 5
  55. Letter of Complaint about The Faulty Product - 6
  56. Letter of Complaint about The Faulty Product - 7
  57. Letter of Complaint about The Faulty Product - 8
  58. Complaint Letter about The Improper Work
  59. Complaint Letter about The Sales Man
  60. Complaint Letter about The Worst Treatment
  61. Complaint Letter about Contract-Work
  62. Complaint Letter against The Doctor
  63. Complaint Letter against The Environmental Conditions of The School
  64. Complaint Letter against The Lack of Access into Your Store
  65. Complaint Letter against The Local Telephone Service
  66. Complaint Letter against The Policy
  67. Complaint Letter against The Representative of The Store
  68. Complaint Letter against The Store for Using Fur for Shoe Manufacturing
  69. Complaint Letter against The Travel Representative to His Company
  70. Complaint Letter against The Unpleasant Experience about The Company
  71. Complaint Letter and Replacement Request
  72. Complaint Letter against Texas Republican Party
  73. Complaint Letter against The Faulty Product
  74. Complaint Letter to A Local Station about Closed Captioning
  75. Complaint Letter to The Bank Manager
  76. Complaint Letter to The Administrative Officer
  77. Complaint Letter to The Civil Council about The Smoking in The Public Areas
  78. Complaint Letter to The Customer Relation Officer about The Misbehavior
  79. Complaint Letter about Unhygienic Atmosphere of The School
  80. Compliant Letter about The Faulty Product
  81. Complimentary Letter to Employee on Handling of Difficulty
  82. Concern Letter about The Factual Accuracy
  83. Congratulations Letters
  84. Letters to Contractors
  85. Letter Demanding Payment
  86. Letter Related To Cosmetics Problem
  87. Customer Complaint Letter
  88. Customer Service Response Letter to A Customer Complaint
  89. Customer Complaints and General Correspondence
  90. Demand Letter for Delivery
  91. Demand Letter to Endorsers for Immediate Payment
  92. Letter for Digital Multimeter Problems
  93. Discreet Letter of Resignation
  94. Letter Noting Displeasure with Advertising Agency Performance
  95. Letter Noting Displeasure with Public Relations
  96. Letter by Employee Complaining to The Health Club
  97. Employment Letter
  98. Claim Letter by The Government to An Aircraft Supplier
  99. Letter about Faulty Product
  100. Final Complaint Letter to The Company
  101. Formal Complaint Letter against The Bank
  102. Letter for Garden Polymer Sprayers
  103. Sample Letter of Complaint
  104. Letter for Hiring An Advertising Agency
  105. Letter about Inaccessible Information
  106. Letter Informing Clients about Termination
  107. Letter about Inventions and Ideas Submissions
  108. Letter Complaining
  109. Late Payment Cover Letter
  110. Letter Asking for Pattern Book and Price List
  111. Letter Announcing The Appointment of A Partner
  112. Letter Announcing The Opening of A New Branch
  113. Letter Asking for Trade Reference
  114. Letter Canceling Unfilled Order
  115. Letter for Billing Problems
  116. Letter for Complaining After a Purchase
  117. Letter for Quality of Care Complaint
  118. Letter for Quality of Care Complaint
  119. Letter Asking for Agency
  120. Letter Offering Agency
  121. Letter from a Practitioner to an Editor
  122. Letter from a University Professor to an Editor
  123. Letter of Appreciation to Employee
  124. Letter of Complaint about Inaccessible Information
  125. Letter of Resignation - 1
  126. Letter of Resignation - 2
  127. Letter of Resignation - 3
  128. Letter of Resignation - 4
  129. Letter of Resignation - 5
  130. Letter to A Referee for Status
  131. Letter to A Publishing House to Order Books
  132. Letter to The Costumer Informing About The Change of Address
  133. Letter to The Editor about The Ecological System
  134. Letter to The Editor on Darfur
  135. Letter to The Employee Informing about Absentee Records
  136. Letter to The FCC about Closed Captioning
  137. Letter about Microwave Problems
  138. Letter to The Supplier Requesting for Reschedule Time
  139. Letter for Mutual Cancellation of Lease
  140. Letter Asking To Supply with Two References
  141. Notice of Cancellation of Contract
  142. Notice to Cancel Entire Order
  143. Notice to Cancel Shipment of Back-Ordered Goods
  144. Notice to Employees of Bonus Cancellation
  145. Complaint Letter about Endowment Compensation
  146. Outline of A Business Letter
  147. Letter about Poor Service
  148. Letter about Printer Problems
  149. Letter of Complaint about Non-Payment of Dues
  150. Reply Letter Canceling Unfilled Order
  151. Letter of Requesting Advertising Agency for Fee
  152. Letter of Request for Magazine Advertisement Fee
  153. Letter of Request for Newspaper Advertisement Fee
  154. Resignation Letter
  155. Letter about Retiring From Business
  156. Letter of Complaint about Savings Account
  157. Service Complaint Letter
  158. Letter to Support Employment-Related Activities
  159. Letter for Terminating Public Relations Firm
  160. Letter to Refer Clients
  161. Letter to Company about A Former Employee
  162. Letter to Similar Corporation
  163. Letter Following Up The First Strategic Alliance Letter
  164. Letter Informing about Offer Teamwork
  165. Letter to Direct Colleague to Refer A Certain Kind of Client
  166. Thanks Letter for Press Exposure
  167. Complaint Letter about The Faulty Product
  168. Letter to Suggest To another Local Business
  169. Letter to Accept Invitation to Join The Chamber of Commerce
  170. Letter Asking A Colleague to Recommend Someone
  171. Letter Seeking Help in The Promotional Event
  172. Letter Asking another Business to Work with Yours
  173. Letter to Invite A Local Business Person
  174. Letter Refusing to Join The Chamber of Commerce
  175. Letter of Thanks To A Business Person
  176. Letter Telling The Benefits of Joining The Local Chamber of Commerce
  177. Letter of Thanks To A Colleague
  178. Letter Agreeing To A Partnership
  179. Letter Asking for A Contractor
  180. Letter to A Company about Poor Service
  181. Letter to Prospective Client Enclosing Literature about Firm
  182. Letter to Prospective Client
  183. Letter to Prospective Client Following Up on Meeting
  184. Unfavorable Reply Letter
  185. Letter to Urge to Vote
  186. Letter about Wording Complaints
  187. Reply to The Letter about Wording Complaints
  188. Letter to Inform That Ordered Goods Are Not Supplied Correctly
  189. Another Set of Complaint Letters
  190. Letter of Complaint
  191. Letter of Complaint about defective materials

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