Persuasive Letter

Persuasive Letter :

This letter should be typed in the official letter-head of the company.

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Dear Sir,

If this letter were printed on a ten dollar bill, it could scarcely be more valuable to you than the message it now contains.

For it offers to place in the hands of a few large manufacturers, almost without cost, a copy of the greatest MANUFACTURER’S TEXT BOOK ever issued in America - a book that contains complete and specific office, sales and factory schemes for increasing a business like yours, a book that actually outlines in charted form over 30 factory and selling plans that have built up giant businesses.

In one chapter alone in this book there is a cost system, all worked out, that saved on large concern $96,000 in factory expense in less than a single year. In another chapter the sales manager of a typewriter company gives a complete new system for managing a sales force. Yet these are only two out of 30 articles, all equally valuable.

It tells how to stir up and enthuse your sales force; how to keep factory costs; how to advertise, promote and market your acticles; how, in fact, to cut down expenses and increase profits. It is a gold mine of businessbuilding ideas.

And remember, the book is free. To each of the first one thousand manufacturers subscribing to ___________ we will send a cloth bound copy of this splendid 300 page book without charge. And even the maga zine is no expense, for the $2 you pay for it will come back to you many times over before you have read one-half of the 12 issues.

But you must act now - only 2700 copies of this book remain on hand and live manufacturers will snap up this offer. So pin your money to this letter and mail us today.

Yours very truly,

(The Sender's Signature)

The Sender's Name

NOTE : Here is an actual letter, used by a magazine in getting subscriptions that is almost a model in logically presenting every element of salesmanship. From the unusual opening that compels attention, straight through to the urgent close prompting immediate action, the reader finds himself almost unconsciously led step by step to an irresistible desire to buy.

Persuasive Letter