Pick and Choose

Pick and Choose :

Pet Peeve :

A pet peeve is something that irritates an individual greatly.

Petticoat Government :

The government of women

  • Modern Romeos prefer to live under petticoat government.

    Photo Finish :

    A photo finish is when two contestants (usually in a race) finish at almost exactly the same time making it difficult to determine the winner.

    Pick and Choose :

    To select

  • Beggars have no right to pick and choose.

    Pick Up The Tab :

    A person who pays for everyone picks up the tab.

    Pick-Up Game :

    A pick-up game is something unplanned where people respond to events as they happen.

    Picture Perfect :

    When something is exactly as it should be it is said to be picture perfect.

    Pie in The Sky :

    If an idea or scheme is pie in the sky, it is really easy.

    Piece of Cake :

    If something is a piece of cake, it is really easy.

    Pieces of The Same Cake :

    Pieces of the same cake are things that have the same characteristics or qualities.

    Pig in A Poke :

    If someone buys a pig in a poke, they buy something without checking the condition it was in, usually finding out later that it was defective.

    Pigs Might Fly. :

    If you think something will never happen or succeed, you can say that pigs might fly.

    Pick and Choose
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