Plains as A Pikestaff

Plains as A Pikestaff :

Pin Down With A Label :

If you pin someone down with a label, you characterize them often meant negative as the label is restrictive.

Pin Money :

If you work for pin money, you work not because you need to but because it gives you money for extra little luxuries and treats.

Pinch of Salt :

If what someone says should be taken with a pinch of salt, then they exaggerate and distort things, so what they say shouldn’t be believed unquestioningly.

WITH A GRAIN OF SALT is an alternative.

Pink Pound :

In the United Kingdom, the pink pound is an idiom for the economic power of gay people.

Pink Slip :

If someone receives a pink slip, they receive a letter telling them they have lost their job.

  • During recession many brilliant young engineers received pink slips from their employers.

    Pipe Dream :

    A pipe dream is an unrealistic, impractical idea or scheme.

  • Do not cherish the idea of going to Canada. Your plans are going to be piped dreams, for I cannot afford the expenses.

    Piping Hot :

    If food is piping hot, it is very hot indeed.

  • Please get me a cup of coffee and that too piping hot.

    Place in The Sun :

  • If you have your place in the sun, you find wealth, happiness or whatever you are looking for in life.

    Plains as A Pikestaff :

    If something is as plain as a pikestaff, it is very clear.

  • Explanations of our science teacher are as plain as pikestaff.

    Plain as The Nose on Your Face :

    If something is as plain as the nose on your face, it is very clear and obvious.

    Plain Jane :

    A plain Jane is a woman who is not particularly attractive.

  • I like Sita very much though she is a plain Jane.

    Plain Sailing :

    If something is relatively easy and there are no problems doing it, it is plain sailing.

    Plains as A Pikestaff
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