Prim and Proper

Prim and Proper :

Prick Up Your Ears :

If you prick up your ears, you listen very carefully.

Prim and Proper :

Someone who is prim and proper always behaves in the correct way and never breaks the rules of etiquette.

Primrose Path :

The primrose path is an easy and pleasurable lifestyle, but one that ends in unpleasantness and problems.

Prince Charming :

A prince charming is the perfect man in a woman’s life.

Problem is Thirty :

If a problem is thirty, the problem is the person who sits 30cm from the computer screen. It is used to describe people who lack technical knowledge and can be used when you insult someone who is having computer problems.

Proclaim It from The Roof Tops. :

If something is proclaimed from the roof tops, it is made as widely known and as public as possible.

Prodigal Son :

A prodigal son is a young man who wastes a lot of money on a lavish lifestyle. If the prodigal son returns, they return to a better way of living.

Proof Of The Pudding Is In The Eating. :

This means that something can only be judged when it is tested or by its results.

Pros and Cons :

Pros and cons are arguments for or against a particular issue. Pros are arguments which aim to promote the issue, while cons suggest points against it. The term has been in use since the 16th century and is a shortening of a Latin phrase PROET CONTRA which means FOR AND AGAINST.

  • Considering the pros and cons of an issue is a very useful way to weigh the issue thoughtfully and reach an informed decision.

    Proud As A Peacock :

    Someone who is as proud as a peacock is excessively proud.

    Pull A Rabbit Out Of Your Hat. :

    If you pull a rabbit out of a hat, you do something that no one was expecting.

    Pull In The Reins :

    When you pull in the reins, you slow down or stop something that has been a bit out of control.

    Prim and Proper
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